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  1. Welcoming Song



I’ve been waiting for you
Like a moment of TRUTH
Now you’ve made it
And I’m nervous for words I wanna sing to you
You came here for something
And so did I
For a way to unplug
And to free ourselves from these troubling times
So switch off the T.V
And put down the phone
Come and dance with me babe
Hold me close while I sing you a song
Cause’ the night is still young
And we are where we belong

I wanna be honest with you
And you want something real
So in this beautiful room
Maybe together we could make a deal
If you open your heart and I open mine
Who knows where it goes
We could turn these waters into wine
I’m so glad to be here
So happy to feel this way
Wanna sing to the sky
Just for being alive another day
Thank you for being here, for being here with me
Thank you for coming out in the rain

Words & Music by Khristian Mizzi
From the album 'Some Other Morning'.
© Khristian Mizzi 2019