..."He's young, good looking, extremely talented and a very nice fellow...Everything I hate in another musician. I saw him at a House Concert and I reluctantly enjoyed myself very much" Eric Bogle

You can hear a pin drop such is the silent wave across the audience when Khristian Mizzi begins to sing. He has a way of inviting an audience into his world with songs that meet them in theirs.

More than just a few have said with enthusiasm that "Khristian Mizzis songs take them to a place they'd forgotten in themselves". With a 'strong yet gentle voice, and an art for weaving beauty and truth into the words of each song, Khristian Mizzi reaches the hearts of his audiences with his performances. 

His songs elegantly articulate many contemporary issues Australia and the World are facing today. His award winning songs have been described as 'captivating', leaving listeners feeling they have experienced something truly special. 
Poetic lyrics, meandering melodies and 'a voice like a big warm hug', along with a unique picking style, Mizzi really is a complete artist and is becoming renowned for his intimate performances and thoughtful songs. throughout the country.  

Khristian has spent most of his life dedicated to his work as a songwriter and performer and has been performing as a solo artist for over a decade. He is a genuine music lover and this is reflected in his song writing with obvious drawing of inspiration from the Contemporary Folk era of the early 1970's.

Born in Moe (Gippsland), Victoria, he spent his early twenties balancing young fatherhood and life as a travelling musician. This meant days at a time spent on the highways, between country Victoria where the family was and his regular gigs in Melbourne.  

In 2009 Khristian released his first EP (The Road Between) and has since become a mainstay of the Melbourne music scene. 

His 2017 selftitled EP was recorded with award winning producer Kalju Tonuma and guitarist Megan Bernard (MEJU). 

2019 saw Khristian release his first full length album. 'Some Other Morning' was the result of a year of work captured in one 10 track strong recording. Featuring songs which have become anthems at various Folk Festivals around the country. Launched to a capacity audience at Melbourne's premier venue Caravan Club and celebrated on National radio. 

More recently, he has performed as headline act at various Regional Concert Halls, House Concerts and has performed at numerous Festivals around the country where he continues to captivate capacity audiences. His songs have had an overwhelming public response which continues to grow. 

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Live Review: Joshua Hibovesky - 3D Radio

Khristian Mizzi: An Otherwise Quiet Room

Khristian Mizzi: An Otherwise Quiet Room

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Rowena Garcia with Khristian Mizzi: A Man About ADL



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